Marching Band Uniform
I'm a member in our school's marching band, and I play the snare. We already have our usual red uniform, and it actually looks good but boring especially if we all look the same in it. So I suggested we buy on a jacket I've had my eye on for quite some time. It's black and they're called leather flying jackets for men. We each got for ourselves one and now we rock the fields with our awesome unconventional outfits. We all look great and rebellious in them, which set us apart from the geek stereotype. Hurray for us!

Perry Finn

A Peace Offering
My wife and I fought one time and we didn't speak to each other for days. I was getting tired of the gap and was already beginning to miss her so I got as a peace offering, a ladies flying jacket. She was so happy and convinced that we both forgot what we were fighting about. Then she put it on, and I fell in love once again. She looked unbelievably beautiful and I remembered how she looked the first time we met. We went on our second honeymoon the very next week.

Christopher Delgado

The Most Effective Slimming Agent
I've been trying to lose weight through exercise, diet, and even pills. But I can't tone down my appetite, that's why I can't really lose any pounds. So I just decided on dressing for my body, and while shopping, I bought a ladies flying jacket. It is white and grey at the sides, and looks formal enough for parties while at the same time is casual enough for a beer with my friends. Everybody thinks I'm slimmer but it is just actually an illusion and I love it for that!

Angelie Williams

Thank You Boyfriend!
My oh so cute boyfriend just got me a blue ladies flying jacket for our 5th month anniversary. We've been together for just a while but he's proven to be the best I'll ever have. He's always been a fan of my chest, which explains the quite daring the style he chose. It is just adorable and very flattering to my body type not like most jackets that eat you alive.

Melissa Lynn

My Grandma Looks Awesome!
My grandmamma finally tried the ladies flying jacket I searched online for her and I found it on and bought it right away; the color I got for her is coffee brown, to match her soft eyes that gets me every time. She says it's the most comfortable jacket she's ever worn and kept hugging me after she tried it. She's actually very skinny, good thing it fits her just right without her looking funny like a hanger. I love you grandmamma and you look awesome, by the way!

Elena Ruiz